Ragdoll Personality Traits

When individuals or families begin to investigate the kind of cat that they would like to adopt, usually they hit the web for information. Wikipedia and various other sites have some very good ‘facts’ about visible characteristics and personality traits of the Ragdoll breed.  So, with all of that information under your belt now, please allow us to offer some of our very subjective, personal opinions and observations about Ragdolls and their personalities that we live with daily…  FYI, OH HENRY is our diva king model on this page!

1. The difference between boys and girls:  Generally speaking, the boys are a little more laid back, and the girls can be a little more dramatic and ‘diva-esque’.  This is not the absolute rule though. We have the occasional boy who has a ‘dynamic’ personality that commands attention, and many girls that are very easy going. When kittens get older, we generally see the females making the rules and enforcing them. The guys are very agreeable and concede that it really isn’t worth the effort to disagree. Boys and girls coexist nicely as long as SHE is the boss. Alone, they are as equally affectionate and playful. If a multi cat family is a consideration, it is easier to add neutered males to the dynamic or enter a new female as a kitten rather than a mature adult.

2. Ragdolls NEED human companionship:  Without question, Ragdolls are committed to relationships. They love specific humans as well as ANY human! They don’t discriminate between other cats, or even dogs. They love to love and be loved. This seems to be their sole purpose for living. They will cuddle endlessly and be a buddy that follows from room to room because they thrive on companionship. A Ragdoll that is left alone for long periods of time will wilt like a plant without water. They NEED company.

3. Ragdolls are generally quiet and not demanding:  Their voices tend to be tiny as a rule. In order to get attention, they rub up against their human or other pet friend and give direct eye contact because they think that everyone already knows what they want! They would rather walk in circles with their tail wagging high all fluffed out to get attention than produce an annoying meow.

4. Ragdolls don’t discriminate:  In our world is inclusivity the Ragdoll is definitely the ‘go to’ cat! They would be a very good choice for individuals with special needs, retired or single people as well as a family.  They are accepting of most anyone and everything including multi-pet homes as long as they are introduced appropriately. Our experience has been that Ragdolls will even begin to enjoy baths!  This is unheard of for most felines.  We take it up a notch by giving back massages because they are being such good kitties.  Ragdolls are pleasers by nature, there needs to be just a little love at the end of the tunnel and they are most compliant.

5. Ragdolls are Playful:  While not being exceedingly active, Ragdolls do like activity if it involves a playful friend.  Like most cats, they perform acrobatics when irresistible toys are brought out.  They will even help themselves to the toy box and initiate play.  Playtime is a bonding experience with cats and Ragdolls LOVE bonding.  Activity is a good way to keep a Ragdoll’s weight in check as well.

6. Ragdolls are Predictable:  Our kittens learn routine right from the start.  They predict our every move and they too have simple routines and needs.  We can predict that ‘we will be reminded’ to fill the food and water bowl or cuddle before lights out.  We also know that they will ask for treats as soon as our light goes on in the morning, and they will always be at the door to greet us when we return home.

7. Ragdolls are Teachable:  Many Ragdolls learn to fetch.  Because they are all about relationships, they learn very well.  They are great at observing and jump on the band-wagon, eager to please their loved one by performing a trick that gets them more love or a treat

Like people, Ragdolls are all unique.  They have pre-determined personality traits, but nurturing will mold their everyday actions and habits.  At O CANADA Ragdolls, we are committed to bestowing our kittens enormous amounts of human love so they will be emotionally healthy.  We want them to be confident and well prepared for their transition into their forever homes.  We understand that each one has individual needs, and we take that into consideration when we are placing them with a family.  Some personalities require particular placements so that they will reach their full potential.  We want everyone to be happy!


O Canada Ragdolls are beautiful with glowing hearts