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Ragdoll Colours & Patterns


O CANADA Ragdolls is a cattery that breeds registered traditional, solid as well as mink & sepia Ragdolls.  Our goal is to offer a wide variety of colours, patterns and variations.  Let us explain…

Traditional Ragdolls

Solid Ragdolls

Mink & Sepia Ragdolls

Cinnamon & Fawn Ragdolls

When two pointed Ragdolls are bred together, only pointed kittens are produced. However, when pointed and solid Ragdolls are bred, pointed and solid Ragdoll kittens can be the result. Similarly, when a pointed and mink Ragdolls are bred the result is a combination of pointed and mink kittens are the result.  In our opinion, ALL are 100% Ragdoll and are eligible for TICA (The International Cat Association) registration.

Although the pointed Ragdoll has been favoured, and most popular in the past, solid and mink Ragdolls are in demand and gaining ground! They offer a wonderful rich colour variety for families who are seeking a unique Ragdoll companion. They have the same loving Ragdoll disposition. O CANADA Ragdolls loves them all!

Compare the following example of a solid lilac kitten next to a pointed lilac kitten. At six weeks of age in this photo, these siblings are very different looking. They have the same parents and the same wonderful floppy playful Ragdoll traits. The only difference is that the solid kitten already has her colour coat whereas the pointed kitten has only a bit of colour on her points. Her colour will take time to develop.


O CANADA Rocky Mountain Jamboree & O CANADA Alberta Clipper

Traditional Ragdolls are born white and it takes many days before their colour to be determined visually after they are born. It can take as long as 3 years for them to reach their full colour potential. The first indications of colour come in on their points (ears, nose, feet and tail). In time, colour will form a mask over their face and ears. The colour will also expand up their legs and will be evident on their tails. ALL Traditional Ragdolls have blue eyes!


Traditional Seal Point Kitten

Conversely, solid colour Ragdolls are born with their full colour coat … no waiting, no guessing! Their eyes will have varied hues of green or gold. The EXCEPTION is the ‘solid’ blue eyed white Ragdoll. Although the outward appearance is solid white, a BEW Ragdoll is genetically a ‘pointed’ cat simply cloaked in white; that’s why their eyes are blue! DNA testing or trial breeding will determine the actual genetic colour of BEW Ragdolls under their white coats.


Blue Eyed White Ragdoll

Lynx & Tabby Ragdolls

Simply put, these are colour stripes that overlay pointed and solid Ragdolls. They present a little differently though…

A Pointed Ragdoll’s stripes are depicted by the name ‘lynx.’ A lynx pointed Ragdoll can come in any colour that a Ragdoll comes in. The stripes will be distributed over their body when their colour fills in. The striping is a darker version of the actual colour of their coat. Around the eyes there will be a white ‘eyeliner’ appearance and the nose will be a flesh colour with a darker outline around the edge. They are striking! Darker colours (seal / blue) have more vivid stripes that contrast. Dilutes such as lilac have subtle striping. The following are examples of colourpoint Ragdolls with a lynx pattern.


A SOLID Ragdoll’s pattern is called ‘tabby.’ It can be very evident or very slight depending on the colour of the cat. Below is an example. Notice that the colour around the eye isn’t a vivid white as with the lynx pointed cats above.


Solid Cream Tabby Female

Tortie Tortoiseshell & Calico Ragdolls

Smoke & Silver Ragdolls

Ragdoll Patterns

Colour Point Ragdolls have no white colour on them.  Many refer to them as ‘pointed’.  The points are  their ears, nose paws and tail.


Blue Colour Point

Mitted Ragdolls have white on all four of their paws. They should also have a white chin and bib that flows down into the underbelly area.


Solid Chocolate Mitted Male


Chocolate Lynx Point Mitted Female

A Bicolour Ragdoll has an inverted triangle on it’s face, lower than the ear area with white flowing throughout the chest area, legs and over the back with colour dispersed in the body area.

Solid Chocolate Bicolour Male