Our Beautiful Non Traditional Queens

RUBY – seal mink mitted (carrying chocolate/dilution)

Ruby is a young mom who is attentive and very nurturing toward her babies.  She’s one of our biggest girls with flawless fur and gorgeously expressive aqua eyes.  She is very laid back and has an extremely casual approach to everything. She isn’t a dominant queen, so is seldom involved in drama or mischief.  She loves to sit and observe or stretch out on her side in the sunshine when it comes in the windows.

HONEY PAWS – cinnamon tortie mink (carrying dilution)

Honey Paws deserves our ‘best mother of the year’ award! Her babies are her purpose and she does such a fantastic job of raising them well nurtured. She allows help during their delivery, however keeps them well sheltered for the first few weeks. She’s protective and a very loving mother. Her babies are spectacular!

LONDON FOG – lilac mitted (carrying cinnamon)

London spends more time on her back than on her feet in an effort to lure us to rub her belly.  She a very fun kitty! Among her peers she a ruthless play fighter with tons of energy and charisma but as soon as her humans enter her scope she becomes soft, gentle and alluring. London is one of our non-traditional favourites that we may never be able to part with. She has both beauty and charm!

OCEAN – Blue Eyed White (masking chocolate point carrying dilution)


O Canada Ragdolls are beautiful with glowing hearts