We do not have kittens available with breeding rights presently. We are in the midst of retiring mature cats and replacing our own Kings & Queens.

If you are an established cattery, we welcome your inquiry!

Please provide your cattery name, website address and your location along with a colour, pattern and gender preference.

We DO NOT sell to unregistered breeders, breeders without kitten contracts or breeders who DO NOT practice early spay/neuter.  We will consider breeders who have had a minimum of 2 years breeding Ragdolls and will not sell to breeders with multiple breeds.  We require good standing with TICA/other who ALREADY have a cattery name and website.

Kittens with Breeding Rights are sold with the following inclusions:

  • Current Health Certificate/International Health Certificate
  • Health Records
  • 2 FVRCP vaccines
  • Rabies vaccine for international shipment only
  • Current FIV/FELV negative blood test
  • Selective DNA testing from UC DAVIS Veterinary Lab
  • ISO Microchip
  • Contract with Breeding Rights

Any additional testing that is requested is at the expense of the buyer.

NATION WIDE shipping related costs including travel, carriers and additional paperwork are at the expense of the buyer.  We prefer direct flights only between major Canadian cities if shipping by cargo.  Shipment is available from Pearson International Airport in Toronto.

INTERNATIONAL shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.  We do not ship internationally by cargo but will meet at Pearson Toronto International Airport, Ontario CANADA.  We will also drive to the nearest USA/CANADA border which is in Niagara Falls.


O Canada Ragdolls are beautiful with glowing hearts