If you are an established cattery, we welcome your inquiry!

Please provide your cattery name, website address and your location along with a colour, pattern and gender preference.

We DO NOT sell to unregistered breeders, breeders without kitten contracts or breeders who DO NOT practice early spay/neuter.  We will consider breeders who have had a minimum of 2 years breeding Ragdolls and will not sell to breeders with multiple breeds.  We require good standing with TICA/other who ALREADY have a cattery name and website.

Kittens with Breeding Rights are sold with the following inclusions:

  • Health Certificate
  • 2 FVRCP vaccines
  • Rabies vaccine for International shipping
  • ISO Microchip
  • Selective DNA testing from UC DAVIS Veterinary Lab
  • Contract with Breeding Rights (some restrictions may apply)

Any additional testing that is requested is at the expense of the buyer.

NATION WIDE & INTERNATIONAL shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.  We do not ship breeding cats/kittens by cargo but will meet the buyer/courier at Toronto Pearson International Airport, Ontario CANADA.  We will also drive to the nearest USA/CANADA border (Niagara Falls) to meet on the Canadian side.



O Canada Ragdolls are beautiful with glowing hearts