Traditional Queens

These ladies enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle that allows them to take their pick as to where they soak up the sun during the day or rest their head at night.  With the exception of their very intensive duties for about 8-9 weeks with their new kittens, they each have ‘lifestyle.’  These girls have very different personalities with individual needs that we lovingly accommodate…  It can be interesting serving multiple Divas.

NANAIMO – seal point bicolour (carrying chocolate/dilution)

Our lovely Nanaimo is one of the maiden queens that we hope will have her first litter of kittens in 2020.  Her parents are currently still with us and she has the best attributes of both Kingman & Anna.  She’s a large girl for her age with exceptional fur and eye colour.  She is easy going but has bursts of spunk, and can be observed running from one end of our house to the other, skipping stairs on her way.  We think she will make a good mother and have very beautiful babies.

WHIPPOORWILL – seal tortie point (carrying cinnamon/dilution)

ANNA – blue point mitted

Anna is one of our mature queens.  She’s had a couple of litters with Kingman and her babies are always gorgeous, just look at Nanaimo eh?!!  Anna has exquisite eye colour, fur and a very nurturing demeanour.  We look forward to more kittens from Anna & Kingman again this year.

ALICE – blue lynx point bicolour (carrying chocolate)

Alice has had one litter of kittens and was a fantastic mother!  Her babies all had gorgeous lush coats and deep blue eyes.  She is a fun cat that will flop down as soon as she knows she’s got your attention.  She’s very much like her sire Kingman who is also exceptionally cuddly and floppy.  We expect that Alice will have another litter with Elliot again this year.

CHRYSTAL – blue cream (tortie) mitted (carrying chocolate)

Our lovely Chrystal is a perfect example of what an ultimate tortie point girl should look like. She is stunning! She’s also quite the DIVA with all the tortie-TUDE personality traits that tend to come along with the colour. She’s smart, bossy, elegant and very affectionate. We adore her!

AURORA – chocolate colour point (carrying cinnamon)

Our lovely Aurora Borealis is big and bold.  Although she always seems to look serious she is one affectionate queen! She’s had several litters for us, is such a good mother and enjoys it! She is playful with her kittens and keeps them very well fed and super clean.  Aurora has had some stunning cinnamon kittens; just look at Honey Paws!  She’s been a strong queen in our development of the cinnamon Ragdoll colour

 LATTÉ – chocolate mitted (carrying cinnamon/dilution)

Latté LOVES to be held! She is so pretty that she always gets her way… she follows us around and will elevate herself on things to GET OUR ATTENTION. She is Ragdoll perfection. Latté is still a maiden; we are hoping she will be an exceptional mommy later this year.

SWEET BISQUIT – lilac lynx point (carryilng cinnamon)

SUZY – cinnamon point mitted (carrying dilute)

We’ve had Suzy with us for awhile.  She was born in our first litter of cinnamon Ragdoll kittens and has become embedded into the fabric of our cattery. She’s one of our super personality queens who is always one step ahead of our every move. She’s chatty, intelligent and very snuggly. Suzy is exuberant with her kittens and they are very well kept. They often have dynamic personalities like her as a result. We have a soft spot in our hearts for this lovely girl!

 CINNAMON – cinnamon colour point (carrying dilution)

This girl always displays poise and distinction. She’s so beautiful! Cinnamon is affectionate, gentle, kind to her peers and a very dedicated mother to her babies.  Her fur is gorgeous. She passes these wonderful attributes to her babies who are just as exceptional as she is.

O CANADA NUTMEG – fawn lynx point

Our dearest Nutmeg is the cattery QUEEN BEE! Among her peers there is no doubt about who is the boss and most often her position is respected. Some of our drama queens challenge her however their efforts are very short lived. Nutmeg is also our front door greeter and anyone who enters our home must be Nutmeg-Approved first.  She has strikingly beautiful dark blue eyes for such fair colouring and her fur is exceptional. There are not many Ragdolls that are as exquisite as this one in our opinion!


O Canada Ragdolls are beautiful with glowing hearts