Our Handsome Kings

SNOWFLAKE – blue lynx point bicolour

Snowflake has just started his breeding career and we are very excited about the potential kittens that he will father. He’s a very laid back young fellow with an exceptional personality in addition to his good looks. Thank you Lydia for socializing Snowflake beyond our expectations and sending lovely photos (above) while we waited for his arrival from Poland!

ST. NICHOLAS – flame lynx point bicolour (masking blue/carrying chocolate)

We affectionately refer to Nicholas by the name ‘Santa Baby’ when he’s being silly because of his mischievous fun that landed him down a floor vent and stuck in our pipes. He’s always been a fun kitten and has matured beautifully with lovely dark blue eyes that sparkle in addition to such a beautiful fur coat!

SUGAR PAWS – cream mink mitted (masking blue/carrying cinnamon)

Sugar Paws is one of our non traditional mature males whose offspring are always extraordinary in beauty and character. He has produced a wide variety of colours such as cinnamon mink tortie (Honey Paws) and his mink kittens are very identifiable. We adore this boy!

RUPERT REIGN – chocolate bicolour (carrying cinnamon/dilute)

Rupert is a big affectionate boy with a huge tail and puppy dog demeanour. He loves to be held and is all about the luuuuuuuv! His babies are extra scrumptious.



O Canada Ragdolls are beautiful with glowing hearts