Pricing & Process

REVISED 12/7/2019

Our younger kittens 3-6 months are presently determined by each kitten’s quality and rarity therefore some kittens are valued higher.  For further details about individual kittens please ask.

Older kittens 6-12 months are priced individually.  They may be available for various reasons such as being held back for breeding assessment.  Older kittens are not always less money.  Often, older kittens are better quality and very rare colours.

Our adult retired breeders are evaluated individually for pricing as well.  Often a King or Queen may only have one litter of kittens and be 1 year of age.  They will be valued higher than and adult that is 5 years old.

We have genetically tested our adult breeding Ragdolls from the foundation up!  Our prices include ‘peace of mind’ in knowing that we guarantee genetically healthy kittens and that we are available to answer any questions during their transition into new homes.  We are also available for any concerns, educating and discussion down the road. We are a RAGDOLL FAMILY!


PLEASE NOTE our pricing for 2020 has been revised.

Kittens are INDIVIDUALLY priced and begin at $1250.

In order to reserve a kitten, a deposit of $250 is collected by e-transfer and applied to the overall cost of each kitten.

Additional funds will be required to the basic inclusions of each kitten and is also collected by e-transfer at the time that surgery is scheduled.

The remaining balance is due 24 hours in advance of each kitten going home if paying by e-transfer OR by cash at the time of pick up.

E-transfers are to be directed to

ALL of our PET kittens are MANDATORY spay/neuter.  This will be completed BEFORE leaving OR have a FIRM contract to be done by a set date at our discretion which takes into consideration the physical readiness of each kitten at 12 weeks of age. 


  • Certificate of Health
  • Health Records
  • FVRCP vaccine(s)
  • Preventative deworming
  • Contract & Genetic Health Guarantee
  • TICA registration (upon spay/neuter)
  • TRUPANION pet insurance is the responsibility of pet parents (form provided)


  • Spay/Neuter
  • Spay surgical wear
  • Post surgery care
  • Microchip
  • Prearranged delivery/shipping


Please fill out our adoption form if you are serious about adopting one of our kittens.  We want to know about the family our kitten is moving in with!  IF you are approved you will be contacted within 48 hours and the kitten selection will begin!

A deposit for each kitten is due at the time of reservation.  This initial deposit represents a firm COMMITMENT to reserve a kitten and is immediately applied to individual kitten’s vaccines, deworming and any additional supplementation, if needed.  A DEPOSIT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT REFUNDABLE IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND.

Pictures and videos will be sent to you as you wait for your kitten to grow.  Important milestones and personality traits will be passed to you when we send updates.

For families that require shipping by air, we require the balance of the kitten to be payed by e-transfer at the same time your kitten is booked for shipping.  Shipping is discretionary.  We will not ship during holidays, summer or winter months.  We always prefer and will make accommodation for families that want to take their kitten home in the airplane cabin as a passenger.


O Canada Ragdolls are beautiful with glowing hearts